The Ten Broeck Mansion has an on-going process of preservation and restoration work of the 1798 Ten Broeck Mansion and surrounding 4 acres of land remaining of the original 1764 land plot of 5 acres.

To guide our work on historic structures and landscape, the ACHA has two recent professional research reports following the standards of the US Secretary of the Interior:

  • Cultural Landscape Report for the Ten Broeck Mansion by Martha Lyon, ASLA (2021)
  • Historic Structure Report for the Ten Broeck Mansion by Walter R. Wheeler (2019)

The ACHA also seeks community input and feedback for its planning and prioritization processes.  The ACHA is currently focusing its preservation work on the following areas:

  • stabilization of water infiltration issues
  • preservation and restoration of living spaces for enslaved persons and servants, including attic and basement spaces
  • improvements for ADA accessibility
  • landscape and grounds improvements, following the research and recommendations in our 2021 Cultural Landscape Report

Contact us to learn more about how to become involved in the funding of these important programs or to become involved with our community feedback surveys.

2021 Projects:

The ACHA is pleased to share the following projects which have been completed in 2021 with funding from the Bennett Family Foundation and National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR). Funding for these projects was made possible through the sponsorship of the Tawasentha Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.  

  • stabilization of north window wells
  • water skirt stabilization and repair and water skirt repair
  • plaster repair of third floor bedroom and completion of all unfinished plaster repairs in attic
  • stabilization and rebuilding of coal cellar brick archway

2022 Projects:

Funding for the following projects is made possible through the generous support of the Bennett Family Foundation and NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation through the Regional Economic Development Council.

  • remediation of flooding and drainage issues around the Ten Broeck Mansion
  • roof repair and restoration of historic roof balustrade and roof deck of the Ten Broeck Mansion
  • restoration of carriage loop drive to historic boundaries with ADA compliant surfaces
  • replacement of exterior fencing with metal fencing which complements the historic character of the site and creation of ADA accessible entrances and parking

Removal of rotted east balustrade, January 2021 – will be replaced with grant funding