Ten Broeck Mansion Gardens Recovery Update

We are delighted to announce our gardens are re-open as of April 3, 2023.  

The Albany County Historical Association/Ten Broeck Mansion is delighted to announce the resumption of access to the Ten Broeck Mansion gardens on Monday April 3, after the recent extensive vandalism at our site. Vandals broke garden structures, broke electrical equipment, and very sadly both of our custom-built children’s education kiosks have been damaged, with the larger completely destroyed. An 18th century artifact was also damaged.

As the stewards of a historic landscape dating back to 1764, the ACHA has been proud to provide community enjoyment of our gardens. Due to hours of hard work by staff and volunteers, we will be able to hold our April 7 Easter Egg Hunt.  We appreciate your understanding and support of our nonprofit community-centered museum.

Your help volunteering for cleanup days, donating, or joining as a member is sincerely appreciated.

The ACHA thanks our community for the outpouring of support at this difficult time.

We thank our staff for their dedication and many hours of hard physical labor to clean up our site.  We thank Marty Bannan, Margaret Diggs, Bruce Houser, Eric Johnson, Tim Kosto, Carl Morrone, Vida Wehren, Karen Urbanski, Linda Weiss, and Dennis Younge for their help rebuilding our gardens.

We also thank the Albany Rural Cemetery, Capital District Library Council, Historic Albany Foundation, New York State Legislature, Old Stone Fort Museum, St. Peter’s Church, Ten Broeck Triangle Preservation League, and Woman’s Club of Albany for their gifts of in-kind services.

The ACHA thanks the following donors for their generosity:

(please contact us if we have inadvertently missed you – our apologies!)

Anonymous (8)

FE Abrams

Rosina Ansaldo

Paige Barnumg

Marty Bannan

Carolynn Barry
Ian Benjamin
Pamela Bentien

Kathleen Bylancik
Elizabeth Bouchard

Kim Brown

Ellen Browne
Michelle Bruck

Richard Bruno

Mary Beth Bulger

Elizabeth Burhans
Christopher Burns
Sue Canfield
Sridar Chittur
Clinton Avenue Apartments
Richard Conti
Roz Hohenstein Conway

Krysia Cording
Courtney Cozzy

Matthew Cuevas
Claudia Dean
Janice Dean

Mary DeWitt
Daniella Dikeman
Samson Dikeman
Donna Dixon

Susan DuBois
Sandy Dupuis
Empire State Kickball

Emily Everett-Franco

Holli Frazier

Stephanie Ferentinos

Carol Ann Carr Germain

Margaret E. Hall

Jennifer Hemmerlein
Paula Hennessy
Shari Hoffman
Shelley Holford
Eric Hoppel
Scott Jarzombek

Eric & Priscilla Johnson
Kari Kakeh
Regina Keenan

Mary Kelly
Tara Kennedy

Margaret Lemar King

Diane Spuck Kinnicutt

Helen Klaeysen
Robin Kravetz
Bryan LaVigne
Elizabeth Lee
Jean Obernesser Leonard

Peter Loomis
Andrew Mace

Lynn MacGowan
Michael Maloney
Bonnie Mariano

Robert Martin
Lisa Martinese

Amy McLaughlin
Corinne Mcleod

Louise McNeilly
Kayli Ann McTague

Barb Cole Miller
Shannon Molloy

Anthony Moore

Jennifer Morton

Stephen Muller

Dorothy Murray

Annette Nanes

Kathy Nardacci
Jessica Fisher Neidl

Phoebe Neidl

Akum Norder
Kathy O’Brien

Julie O’Connor
Anne Olcott
Cathy ONeill

Osborn Family Fund
Christopher Parker
Matthew Peter
Ryan Pike
Jenna Pitera
Annette Porter
Marilyn Pusatere
Deirdre Rose Quain
Carol Quantock
Kathryn Rafferty

Rebecca Rector
Deborah Rock

Rosenblum Development Corporation
Anne Savage
Mark Schaming
Kendra Smith-Howard

Jennifer Stah
Jeanne Stewart
Ellen Tanner
Matthew Toporowski
Courtney Townsend
Patrick Trippany

Underground Railroad Education Center

Carolyn Vaccaro
Brett VanZandt

Anna Varney
Nancy Wallace

Anne Wasielewski

Vida Wehren
Kathryn Weller

Joann Wells
Leah Wentworth

Sharon Wesley

Cherril Young