K-12 Education Programs

The ACHA provides both virtual and on-site K-12 educational programs.  Hands-on Art meets History programs, tours, and garden-based programs are available.  Please contact us for more information.

The major educational themes of the ACHA are:

  1. A Revolutionary People: colonial period, Revolutionary War, Federalism, Abolition, Reform: Albany’s history is an unfolding story.
  2. Art, architecture, gardens: the ACHA is a unique synthesis of a well-preserved 18th c. structure and grounds.  The ACHA’s museum collections reveal the diverse artists, artisans, servants, and enslaved persons who created and cared for the furnishings, gardens, and structures on the site.
  3. Arbor Hill: a richly historic community.  The ACHA interprets the diverse peoples who settled in, created, and continue to shape one of Albany’s most historic neighborhoods, including Free Persons of Color, reformers, abolitionists, entrepreneurs, and immigrants.
  4. Philanthropy & Giving Back: Abraham Ten Broeck helped build Albany society.  Thomas Worth Olcott was known as the “most charitable man in Albany.”  As a private museum, the ACHA was founded in 1942, and continues through the volunteer work and support of Trustees, volunteers, and members.  Our story is one of giving back to the community.
  5. Family stories, many traditions: the ACHA has long celebrated the rich and diverse family stories of Albany County through its programs and its collecting.