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The Albany County Historical Association is a hands-on organization open to anyone, regardless of place of residence, with an interest in historic preservation. All we ask is that you consider attending some of our events, lending a volunteer hand from time to time, and contributing a nominal sum in support of the many restoration and activity programs of the Ten Broeck Mansion.


Our tour hours are May-Oct
For other dates, please call or email for appt.

Thursday & Friday: 10am - 4pm
Saturday & Sunday: 1pm - 4pm


General: $5
Students & Seniors: $4
Children 12 & under: $3
Member admission: free

A Book Makes a Great Gift!

People of Albany: The First 200 Years by Peter J. Hess
Did you know that Jamestown, Virginia was the earliest English settlement but Jamestown was abandoned in 1699 making Dutch Albany the oldest continuous European settlement in the original thirteen English colonies?


Welcome to Ten Broeck Mansion

Albany County Historical Association was founded in 1945. It is a private, not-for-profit educational corporation headquartered at the historic Ten Broeck Mansion in the Arbor Hill neighborhood of the city of Albany, New York. The mission of the ACHA is to preserve, present, and promote the rich history and culture of Albany County.

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Internship Opportunity

Research & Evaluation Internship

The Albany County Historical Association (ACHA) at Ten Broeck Mansion will be accepting a summer Research & Evaluation Intern for 120 hours beginning in early June. Albany County Historical Association was founded in 1945. It is a private, not-for-profit educational corporation headquartered at the historic Ten Broeck Mansion in the Arbor Hill neighborhood of the city of Albany, New York. The mission of the ACHA is to preserve, present, and promote the rich history and culture of Albany County.

We are looking for an intern who is interested in giving tours and providing an assessment of the effectiveness of visitor experience, working toward an outcome of a revised tour script. The following tasks will be performed by the intern with the support and training of the museum professionals of the mansion:

-Giving tours of the mansion, including tours on at least one weekend day

-Compiling and presenting visitor demographics, including approximate age (within a range), gender, race, and where they’re from (which will be asked to each group.)

-Documenting and presenting trends in visitor experiences

-Interviewing visitors before after each tour when possible, letting them know that their answers are anonymous. [ii]

-Making suggestions for improvements and meeting with the Executive Director and Administrative Assistant to discuss findings on a weekly basis.

-Attending the Thursday, August 13th board meeting where assessment results and tour script will be presented.

We do not limit this internship to History majors, though we certainly encourage History majors to apply. We also encourage applications from students interested in Museum Studies, Education, Psychology, Statistics, Anthropology, Art History, English, and other disciplines, who see this internship as related to specific career interests indicated in a cover letter. Nevertheless, the intern must demonstrate an active interest in public history.

We are also happy to work with university requirements and requests for academic credit. The intern will receive a stipend of $500 at the successful completion of the internship. Please submit a resumé and cover letter and send to anna@tenbroeckmansion.org. Call 518-436-9826 with questions. The applications will be reviewed and a selection of those meeting qualifications will be offered an interview. An intern will be officially chosen by June 1st, 2015. We look forward to an exciting summer and exciting new faces to join us in our mission to present Albany County’s rich history!

The applicant may want to review the following description of possible avenues for museum research and evaluation in order to familiarize themselves with the many different methods of research and evaluation in the museum field. While the structure of this internship primarily focuses on observational study and interviews, the intern may wish to consider and potentially apply other commonly used methods of analysis.[iii]

The Goals of our Internship Program

We are dedicated to public education and constantly seeking to improve our organization and our community. We strive to provide an internship experience that gives the intern with an understanding of the function and mission of the Albany County Historical Association, the Ten Broeck Mansion, house museums and historic sites, and informal education. We aim to facilitate an internship that is both beneficial to the future of the intern and the future of the organization.

We are seeking interns who see this internship as a learning opportunity as well as a networking opportunity. We encourage our interns to attend board meetings, events, and collaborative meetings with Albany County Historical Societies, as a means of meeting and coming to understand museums and informal education in Albany County as a potential career path.

Includes electronic documentation after each tour that asks the intern to consider where the most time was spent with and by visitors, where the most questions were asked, what questions visitors had, where the most general interest seemed to be, any confusion visitors expressed, and any other observations about visitor experience that the intern finds useful to include – there will be a standard form for these questions to complete with each tour. Visitors will remain anonymous. Only trends in experiences will be officially reported and presented to the board. The intern will compile and evaluate these trends statistically.

[ii] Questions will include, “Is there anything in particular you’re interested in seeing or hearing about today?” “What did you like most about your tour today?” “Why do you think it’s important or interesting to come to historic sites?” “What do you like about Ten Broeck Mansion?” Each interview will be documented, and trends will be compiled.

[iii] http://www.imls.gov/research/evaluation_resources.aspx

Living History Day

Albany Archeology Field School

A unique learning experience in the heart of Albany

July 13-17, 2015 daily 8am-3pm. Open to all students in the Capital District entering 6th-10th grade.

Join a team of professional archaeologists from Hartgen Archeological Association, Inc. as they explore the Thomas Elkin's Residence. Elkins was a 19th Century dentist, abolitionist, inventor, and world traveler. The archeological field school provides students the opportunity to learn the scientific techniques of archeological excavation, artifact cataloging, site survey, and mounting exhibits. This five-day curriculum delves into the entire archeological process from hypothesis building to dissemination of scientific results. Campers will also get a "behind the scenes" tour of the New York State Museum and present their findings at an open house at the conclusion of the field school.

Print out our application HERE

For more information contact Jillian Altenburg at jillian@tenbroeckmansion.org or 518-436-9826. Applications and deposits are due by June 1. Scholarships are available. Please do not pay your deposit online without first contacting Jillian for an application.

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